Maria Hardman

Maria has spent over 2 decades travelling to Asia, where she became more and more involved in yoga and meditation. Following a major surgical intervention in 2013, she turned to yoga during her recovery and was completely amazed at the intense feelings of wellbeing resulting from Kundalini Yoga. This led to her embarking on teacher training with Karam Kriya school in 2014. 

Ro Turan.JPG
Ro Turan

Ro has been practicing Hatha yoga, with various teachers in Oxford, for the past 35 years. She discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2009 and was inspired by its profound effects. She qualified as a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher with the Karam Kriya School in 2013. 

Ro teaches informal Kundalini Yoga. She uses her own and published kriyas and meditations but without the traditional dogma. She makes modifications to the exercises and mantras to make them more accessible and she brings her extensive Hatha Yoga experience to her teaching.

Sam 2019.JPG
Sam Bowers

Sam has been a student of kundalini Yoga since 2014 and trained with the Karam Kriya school in London. She credits Kundalini Yoga with giving her the mental, physical and spiritual balance to stop searching for external happiness. Through her yoga practice she has found peace and calm within herself and has established a toolkit to deal with the challenges of our time.

Anne Owen.jpg
Anne Owen (Priya Surjeet Kaur)

Anne has practiced yoga for the last 6 years.  She was introduced to Kundalini Yoga 4 years ago and knew from the first class that she had found what was missing in her yoga practice.  It became, for her, the start of a life-changing and transformative journey culminating in her deciding to enrol with i-Sky on their teacher training course in 2018.  She became a fully qualified teacher in October 2019.  

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