• Ro Turan

40 day Kriya

This summer I invite you to practice The Kriya for Strengthening the Aura for 40 days straight.

Our habits define us. In Kundalini Yoga we use a forty day kriya, mantra or meditation to break any negative habits that block us from expansion.

I have prepared a 27 minute audio class for you to use in your practice. You are welcome to download for free here. Or I would be pleased to post a CD to you for £2 if you email your address.

Original instructions for our 40 day kriya Strengthening The Aura, are available to download and then print here.

The aura is a field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds the body. It combines the effects and holds the powers of all the other energetic centres (chakras). Our aura provides protection against disease and negative environmental influences while also projecting our true nature into the world. With a powerful aura we automatically filter negative influences and feel strong, healthy, vibrant. When the aura is weak, we seem vulnerable to everything around us like germs, attitudes, emotions and we feel sickly, shrunken, dim. You can read more about the aura here.

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