Kundalini Yoga uses exercise, breathing, chanting & meditation to awaken your energy. With regular practice Kundalini Yoga balances the glands, strengthens the nerves, expands lung capacity, harnesses the mind and clears emotional blocks. It helps you to become aware of your true nature. SAT NAM (true identity)


It doesn't matter how physically fit you are, what gender you are, what age you are, what your current lifestyle is, what religious beliefs you have (or do not have) Kundalini Yoga is available to everyone.


Kundalini Yoga kriyas (exercise sets) are designed to move the energy around your body for a specific purpose. For example there are Kundalini Yoga kriyas for; a healthy liver; a balanced glandular system; strong nerves; an open heart, and many, many more. 

Kriyas might include the chanting of a mantra. Chanting works on the body in 3 ways; the vibrations effect its cell structure, the words effect its feelings and the rhythmic stimulation of the tongue on the roof of the mouth effect its nerves. If you chose not to participate in the chants that’s fine, it can often feel challenging at first. 


The Kundalini Yoga community has recently uncovered corruption, exploitation and sexual abuse by Harbhajan Singh who founded the 3HO organisation and popularised his own brand of Kundalini Yoga in the West. Kundalini Yoga Oxford denounces 'Yogi' Bhajan and distances itself from his cult.